Lea Givskov

Denmark Lea Givskov was introduced to acroyoga more than 10 years ago, and has since sporadicly traveled to join acrobatic trainings around the world. The resent years her main interest has been in standing- and dynamic acrobatics. She’s originally trained as a balletdancer, but nowadays most of her monkey business happens in a bouldering gym […]

Virgil Spier

Netherland, Holland Virgil Spier is a former Olympic athlete from The Netherlands with over 30 years in track and field and Co-founded Movement Based Athletics. After various international bouts, Olympics, World Championship, and European Championship) as a decathlete, hurdler, and sprinter he kept running into the same problem over and over again. Even though he should […]

Erwin Maaswinkel

Netherland, Holland Erwin Maaswinkel has a Ph.D. in Human Movement Science and co-founded Movement Based Athletics (MBA). With a passion for movement and a broad range of interests, Erwin has studied with numerous teachers, trainers, and coaches in fields such as dance, martial arts, athletics, and more. His mission is to educate people on the […]

Bradley Duling

USA Bradley began slacklining on the sunny beaches of Santa Cruz in 2005. He helped found several slackline organizations, including the ISA, as well as Move Copenhagen. He views slacklining as both an introspective and social way of interacting with the world. Learn balance and calm while you glide on your slidetastic voyage.

Lucie Beyer

Germany MOVER BY HEART ♡ Based near Munich, Lucie is teaching Workshops, Trainings and Retreats. As an international Yoga- & AcroYoga teacher as well as a mentor and passionate bodyworker, she works with a playful approach which is at the same time deeply rooted in the ancient wisdom of the traditions. Her work is based on […]

Villas Skov

Denmark Villas Skov, also known as ‘Espantalho’ (scarecrow) is a danish thoroughbred mover. Villas is a talented and extremely multifaceted mover not afraid to dance, fight, jump, flip, climb, crawl, run or whatever it might be. However, Villas has two primary interests: Practicing capoeira as well as connecting with nature. He is a graduated teacher/professor […]

Jason Nemer

USA Jason Nemer is a world-champion acrobat and the Co-Founder of AcroYoga. Jason’s work was featured in New York Times Bestselling author Tim Ferriss’ book, Tools of Titans. He has coached Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin, actress Ashley Judd, and many other top performers. Jason has also brought AcroYoga’s team-building methods to companies like Google, FourSigmatic, Summit Series and TrueX. By age 16 […]

Daniel Osmann

Denmark Daniel loves to play, and he has been teaching and sharing the joy of playful movement with others since 2011. In his workshops, he facilitates the step into a world of playful interactions that is delightfully free from ambition, goals and competition – the focus is simply the joy of shared exploration and connection. […]

Karoline Christensen

Italia/Denmark Karoline grew up in Italy and moved to Denmark in 2018. She has been an artistic swimmer since she was 7 years old and has won the Italian national championships multiple times with her team, she started swimming again in Denmark in 2019 and has been Danish national champion ever since. In august 2022 […]

Mia Heide

Denmark Mia Heide has been in the top of Danish artistic swimming for more than 15 years. In August 2022 Mia represented Denmark at the European championship for the first time in 27 years. After the European championship Mia retired from the national team to focus on finishing her Ph.d. about sustainability. Mia has more […]