Toniah Pedersen is a world-class choreographer, director, and teacher. With a distinct street style, her classes contain a broad variation of styles within hiphop and club dances. She seeks new ways within the genres and teaches different types of expression. Through that, Toniah has created her own unique style and approach of teaching.

Toniah has extensive experience choreographing and teaching various group of people and talent, her unique talent is too meet people where they are and create tailored courses and classes, with movement and dance genres after specific needs. Toniah has a unique ability to see all her students individually, always achieving the best possible result for a great time, even in the largest groups. Her focus in bringing it back to the love of the dance and less about being perfect and correct. Party steps, old school moves and club basics, things you recognize and moves you just want to learn.

Toniah is dedicated to ensure students an exceptional experience, where focus is to dance and move without over complicating it, a dance journey through genres, good music and an understatement of the body as a whole, she promises a healthy sweat and a good time. Toniahs unique approach expands beyond just the steps of the choreography she aims to make people feel good, feel good about them self and their ability to move.