Morten teaches physical movement from the perspective of empowering people, expanding their area of comfort and confidence and building joy of movement through play. He is a big believer in challenging limiting beliefs and the status quo. Personally he believes that in order for a physical practice to have true merit it needs to contribute positively to the individual as well as our close community. When seeking understanding about the human body or behavior he often views the question in mind from an evolutionary lens.
Morten has been teaching and education in martial arts, natural movement, functional fitness and health since 2001 and holds a masters degree in Sport & Health Science, from the University of Southern Denmark. He has been a contributor and educator for the largest ‘sport for all’ associations in Denmark – DGI since 2013. He runs his own personal training business centered around natural human movement practice, parkour, functional fitness and martial arts.
Aside from teaching he is a passionate vinter swimmer, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner, alpine skier and parkour enthusiast, currently residing in Copenhagen, Denmark.