Rachel Babaganov

Rachel Babaganov is teaching breathwork at #MoveFinal In 2019, Rachel Babaganov was introduced to the Wim Hof Method while completing her Masters of Public Health in Germany. The method has changed her life in profound ways, connecting the dots of her previous experiences, education, and inner wisdom, allowing her to step into her power in […]

Claire Bouniort

France I started Wutao® in 2007, at the Tao Center in Paris. Thanks to Wutao, I reconnect deeply with my sensitivity and my creativity. Its unique poetic-sensory pedagogy also allowed me to reconnect with the pleasure of learning. Wutao is a poetic and artistic path that opened new doors in my artistic path such as […]

Amilie Leonora Ditzel

Denmark Amalie Ditzel feels driven to learn and share a wide range of practices, bringing vitality, flexibility, strength and spaciousness to the mind, body and soul. She has practiced Capoeira for only few years and loves it’s multilayered philosophy, and as a playful way of excersising and interacting. Capoeira has been a part of deepening […]

Frederik Bertelsen

Denmark 31-year-old Teeterboard artist from Denmark. With a background in Gymnastics, which consist of participation on the National Danish Performance Team and Team Gym National team. Retired as a gymnast, turned teeterboard artist in 2014 and founded the circus group Motus Teeterboard. We have performed in Denmark, Germany and Iceland and are despite of our […]

Mads Ludvigsen

Denmark Mads Ludvigsen has a background in danish gymnastics primarily in tumbling and trampoline. His whole life he has both been active as a gymnast and as a coach. In 2012/2013 he joined the world tour with the National Danish Performance Team. In 2016 he joined Motus Teeterboard and has been passionate with the teeterboard […]

Morten Bo Kristensen

Denmark 30-year-old Teeterboard artist born and bred in Denmark. With a background in Danish gymnastic, which culminated in a world tour with The National Danish Performance Team 2012/13. Retired as a gymnast, turned into teeterboard artist in 2014 and founded the circus group Motus Teeterboard with his 4 friends and fellow artists. Morten has a […]

Emil Korfitz Stenhøj

Denmark Emil has a background in Danish traditional gymnastics. Teamgym, tumbling and dobbelt mini trampoline(DMT). He started jumping teeterboard in 2014 and was a full time teeterboard jumper for 1,5 years with Cirque Du Soleil in the show called “Paramour”. Emil is now working as chiropractor, but still jumping and flipping around.

Michael Nuss

Germany When Michael went through a life crisis in 2016 he discovered the power of connecting to the body through nature, movement and breathwork. In 2018 he was trained by Wim Hof to become one of the first Wim Hof Method Instuctors and since than he has been practicing and teaching the Wim Hof Method […]

Virgil Spier

Netherland, Holland Virgil Spier is a former Olympic athlete from The Netherlands with over 30 years in track and field and Co-founded Movement Based Athletics. After various international bouts, Olympics, World Championship, and European Championship) as a decathlete, hurdler, and sprinter he kept running into the same problem over and over again. Even though he should […]

Erwin Maaswinkel

Netherland, Holland Erwin Maaswinkel has a Ph.D. in Human Movement Science and co-founded Movement Based Athletics (MBA). With a passion for movement and a broad range of interests, Erwin has studied with numerous teachers, trainers, and coaches in fields such as dance, martial arts, athletics, and more. His mission is to educate people on the […]