Morten Vinther

Denmark Morten teaches physical movement from the perspective of empowering people, expanding their area of comfort and confidence and building joy of movement through play. He is a big believer in challenging limiting beliefs and the status quo. Personally he believes that in order for a physical practice to have true merit it needs to […]

Theresa Johanne Kirkby

Denmark Theresa is a self-taught hula hoop dancer, who learned almost everything from YouTube. Hooping snatched her heart and became her obsession, therapy and passion. With her unique and yummy flow style she quickly became one of Denmarks best hula hoop dancers. Her energy is playful and alive and with her attentive eyes, she’ll most […]

Michael Bjerrum

Denmark   Michael is a Copenhagen based yoga teacher, trail runner and farther of two beautiful daughters. Teaching classes, workshops and teacher trainings full time at some of the most popular yoga studios in Copenhagen. And offers retreats in Denmark, Sweden and Spain “My teaching is based on a thorough knowledge of anatomy and patterns […]

Mikkel Schleicher

Denmark   Mikkel is a coach and teacher, specializing in handstands and flexibility. After recovering from a back injury in 2015, Mikkel had the flexibility of a wooden door and felt limited by his bodies capabilities. To regain movement freedom, he started to pursue flexibility and body control, which send him down the path of […]