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Movers from around the world

From Argentina to Norway, from south Korea to Australia. Meet your teachers


Amalie Ditzel feels driven to learn and share a wide range of practices, bringing vitality, flexibility, strength and spaciousness to the mind, body and soul.

She has practiced Capoeira for only few years and loves it’s multilayered philosophy, and as a playful way of excersising and interacting. Capoeira has been a part of deepening her understanding of embodiment, stress responses, body language and interactions.
Through her daily practice of yoga she experiences how yoga can support and stimulate digestion and, how deep streches can assist in releasing emotional and mental stagnation.
She finds it very intriguing working and being in spaces of self-exploration, through awareness of the body and mind, such as sensing energy mobilisation.


Bradley began slacklining on the sunny beaches of Santa Cruz in 2005. He helped found several slackline organizations, including the ISA, as well as Move Copenhagen. He views slacklining as both an introspective and social way of interacting with the world. Learn balance and calm while you glide on your slidetastic voyage.


Being half Danish and half Brazilian, Camilla is culturally connected to the Capoeira culture. She is a born mover seemingly with ten extra permanent percent fuel in the tank. She has used her energy diligently on the danish capoeira scene to develop her own unique style and earn her nickname ‘Agua Viva’ – the jellyfish. However, Camillas energy is well balanced after almost a decade of teaching yoga and pilates. With her degree in educational psychology and background in psychomotor therapy, Camilla has a holistic and including approach to teaching, which she applies in her daily work with vulnerable youth. Furthermore co-founder of Zen Monkeys movement collective.


I started Wutao® in 2007, at the Tao Center in Paris. Thanks to Wutao, I reconnect deeply with my sensitivity and my creativity. Its unique poetic-sensory pedagogy also allowed me to reconnect with the pleasure of learning. Wutao is a poetic and artistic path that opened new doors in my artistic path such as sculpture, then drawing and watercolour. I am Wutao® teacher certified by the Wutao School since 2009, I offer weekly classes, workshops in the South West of France.


Daniel loves to play, and he has been teaching and sharing the joy of playful movement with others since 2011. In his workshops, he facilitates the step into a world of playful interactions that is delightfully free from ambition, goals and competition – the focus is simply the joy of shared exploration and connection.

Daniel has a master’s degree in interactional psychology, specializing in the ways humans in play maintain that special state of shared understanding and togetherness, that makes play the ever-magical experience that it is. He is known to enthusiastically sprinkle this knowledge all over his workshops by pointing to the magic of all the unnoticed things that happen during his play sessions; making it equally entertaining and awe-inspiring to realize all the beautiful things we do in play.


Edson Caballero is  an international circus performer from México.
Edson has traveled around the world sharing his love for circus arts, teaching and performing everywhere he goes.

ADHD not diagnosed kid, learned to focus his crazy amount of energy practicing any kind of movement activity.

Edson have practice martial arts, athleticism, crossfit, circus arts as; aerial silks, trapeze, juggling, balance board, fire spinning, tumbling, acroyoga and he is a obsessed with partner Acrobatics and handstands!

His goal in life is to learn something new every single day!

“I belive that the most amazing piece of engineering in the world is the human body and I would love to see how much mine can do!”

“I love to help people to achieve their goals, realize of what they are capable of,  and embrace the power in themselves, all of that while they have fun and share with others”


Emil has a background in Danish traditional gymnastics. Teamgym, tumbling and dobbelt mini trampoline(DMT). He started jumping teeterboard in 2014 and was a full time teeterboard jumper for 1,5 years with Cirque Du Soleil in the show called “Paramour”. Emil is now working as chiropractor, but still jumping and flipping around.


Emily Baxter cofounded PartnerAcrobatics.com and runs teacher trainings, intensives and workshops worldwide.

Born in Canada and nomadic for the last ten years, Emily happily travels, teaching, learning, laughing, playing. Alongside acro Emily teaches anatomy and works with corrective exercises and functional movement. Emily has always had a passion for movement and body awareness. This coupled with her strong background in anatomy manifests in her teachings as clear, precise, thoughtful instruction.

She is known for her never-ending energy and contagious enthusiasm.

Netherland, Holland

Erwin Maaswinkel has a Ph.D. in Human Movement Science and co-founded Movement Based Athletics (MBA). With a passion for movement and a broad range of interests, Erwin has studied with numerous teachers, trainers, and coaches in fields such as dance, martial arts, athletics, and more. His mission is to educate people on the importance of quality movement for a quality life and equip them with the knowledge and tools they need. He believes in teaching individuals how to fish, rather than just giving them a fish, for lifelong benefits. Erwin has been a practitioner and explorer of various sports, including extreme endurance events, dancing, rock climbing, martial arts, and more.


Fer Lucino is a nomad born in Argentina. 

He has been teaching and sharing this discipline for several years in different parts of the world. He loves Icarians and especially all the foot to foot tricks.

He believes that acroyoga is more than just a practice, but rather a lifestyle where what is learned on the mat is carried over to your daily life. 

He loves the sea, the waves, the adrenaline of extreme sports and his gift is balancing objects with his chin.


31-year-old Teeterboard artist from Denmark. With a background in Gymnastics, which consist of participation on the National Danish Performance Team and Team Gym National team. Retired as a gymnast, turned teeterboard artist in 2014 and founded the circus group Motus Teeterboard. We have performed in Denmark, Germany and Iceland and are despite of our age ready and hungry to perform more. In 2018 the teaterboard training lead to a year contract with Cirque du soleil – Amaluna in south america. Teaching experience with Motus Teeterboard workshops and gymnastics in all levels.


Germán Suárez is a partner acrobatics certified teacher that has been teaching classes, workshops and intensives since 2016.

He specializes in solar/acrobatics especailly whips, whops, icarian games and standing acro.
He quickly became a well known teacher in both Argentina and globally, thanks to his commitment and continual practice

Together with Sol Robles, they formed Acronautas, a project in which they have participated in over 40 events and retreats, in addition to teaching hundred of peope in regualr classes over the years. In 2019 German so created

Acrorevolcuion solar (an advanced acrobatics intensive) with Sol Robles and Rodrigo Alvarellos.
Germán believes that acro is a medicine, one that helps humans connect to the magic we are living!

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