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Brice Johnson is an American transplant & a professional Dancer, Choreographer & Actor closing on 2 decades of experience, with a positive performance track record with over 20 productions in film, tv, commercial & stage/theater.
Brice’s Life’s Message is to use dance, to inspire mental strength, joy, and purpose to the lives of those who are struggling in these areas, transforming them into leaders of their lives.
“I want help people counter fear and self-doubt, and make a significant impact, in the lives of those looking for purpose in their day to day, and the tool to transform and strengthen the mind. If you are looking to find your personal voice and purpose within your dance & self-expression I am here.”
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Being half Danish and half Brazilian, Camilla is culturally connected to the Capoeira culture. She is a born mover seemingly with ten extra permanent percent fuel in the tank. She has used her energy diligently on the danish capoeira scene to develop her own unique style and earn her nickname ‘Agua Viva’ – the jellyfish. However, Camillas energy is well balanced after almost a decade of teaching yoga and pilates. With her degree in educational psychology and background in psychomotor therapy, Camilla has a holistic and including approach to teaching, which she applies in her daily work with vulnerable youth. Furthermore co-founder of Zen Monkeys movement collective.



Emily Baxter cofounded PartnerAcrobatics.com and runs teacher trainings, intensives and workshops worldwide.

Born in Canada and nomadic for the last ten years, Emily happily travels, teaching, learning, laughing, playing. Alongside acro Emily teaches anatomy and works with corrective exercises and functional movement. Emily has always had a passion for movement and body awareness. This coupled with her strong background in anatomy manifests in her teachings as clear, precise, thoughtful instruction.

She is known for her never-ending energy and contagious enthusiasm.



Fer Lucino is a nomad born in Argentina. 

He has been teaching and sharing this discipline for several years in different parts of the world. He loves Icarians and especially all the foot to foot tricks.

He believes that acroyoga is more than just a practice, but rather a lifestyle where what is learned on the mat is carried over to your daily life. 

He loves the sea, the waves, the adrenaline of extreme sports and his gift is balancing objects with his chin.



Germán Suárez is a partner acrobatics certified teacher that has been teaching classes, workshops and intensives since 2016.

He specializes in solar/acrobatics especailly whips, whops, icarian games and standing acro.
He quickly became a well known teacher in both Argentina and globally, thanks to his commitment and continual practice

Together with Sol Robles, they formed Acronautas, a project in which they have participated in over 40 events and retreats, in addition to teaching hundred of peope in regualr classes over the years. In 2019 German so created

Acrorevolcuion solar (an advanced acrobatics intensive) with Sol Robles and Rodrigo Alvarellos.
Germán believes that acro is a medicine, one that helps humans connect to the magic we are living!

Ida Frost is a diverse dancer, physical performer, and Choreographer. With a background in gymnastic, she is now working as a professional performer and acrobat.
Her movement interests flow from urban house grooves to contemporary softness into installation art and acrobatics. No rules, no boxes, just expression, curiosity, humor, and the trust of a diverse movement journey in all aspects of life.
As a performer Ida has worked with Theaters, Directors, and Choreographers all over the world.
Next to her performance carrier Ida works as a freelance choreographer and is the artistic director of FROSTPerformanceCompany: https://www.idafrost.com/frostperformancecompany/
“I love movement in general and everything it do to both trained movers and non-trained movers. I Iove how movement, body and choreography can speak where the language falls short and address issues, subjects, stories and pictures in a way words can never accomplish”.


Jonathan teaches movement rooted in capoeira and yoga. With a lifelong interest in practical and theoretical aspects of movement, sports and martial arts, Jonathan has pursued a professional life working with the moving body. Jonathan has tought yoga for more than 10 years and has practiced capoeira for the past 8 years. Combining the qualities of yoga and capoeira, Jonathan co-founded Copenhagen-based Zen Monkeys Movement Collective. Jonathan has an academical background as a physician and holds a PhD in degenerative joint diseases. Besides practicing lots of movement, Jonathan continues to do research and hosts a movement-centered podcast called Bevægelse&Co.


Julia Bauer


Julia teaches Wutao®. Back then as physiotherapist specialized in spinal cord injury rehabilitation, Julia has been driven by a personal research to overcome the gap between therapeutic and artistic approaches of body, mind and mouvement in occidental and oriental traditions. Experiencing Contemporary Danse, Contact Improvisation, Body-Mind-Centering, Yoga, Taiji Quan and Vipassana Meditation, she found response in the art of Wutao and it’s twin practices (Chant of breath, Art of Tranceanalysis) as to their quality of being evolutionary arts. Evolutionary in their capacity to unlock the sensorial univers within you, to get in touch with your tissues as vibrant home of your soul, to install a relationship with your physical body based on communication, not in demand of performance or perfection. Studying with it’s french creators, Imanou Risselard and Pol Charoy, she is passionate about teaching Wutao in Europe. She will invite you to awaken the soul of your body (« éveiller l’âme du corps® »).



Kalle is known as “Fragíl” in the danish capoeira community, has been doing capoeira since 1996 and teaching since 2001 and was graduated contra-mestre in 2018. Earning his nickname due to kneeproblems, he is greatly concerned with finding routes to making capoeira available to all, regardless of physical condition, age and other factors. Besides capoeira he has earned a Master in humanities and sports science. During a period of knee trouble Kalle discovered yoga and after a few years of practice he was asked to teach. He has taught ordinary classes as well as focused teacher-training and yoga history classes.



Karoline grew up in Italy and moved to Denmark in 2018. She has been an artistic swimmer since she was 7 years old and has won the Italian national championships multiple times with her team, she started swimming again in Denmark in 2019 and has been Danish national champion ever since. In august 2022 Karoline represented Denmark at the European championship for the first time in 27 years. Karoline also works at the swimming pool, where she teaches artistic swimming and passes her passion on to younger girls. Beside swimming Karoline is studying Architectural engineering and loves to take pictures and travel.



Mia Heide has been in the top of Danish artistic swimming for more than 15 years. In August 2022 Mia represented Denmark at the European championship for the first time in 27 years. After the European championship Mia retired from the national team to focus on finishing her Ph.d. about sustainability. Mia has more than 15 years of teaching experience and she is the head coach in Gladsaxe swimming club (Copenhagen area). Besides swimming Mia has had a career as a fitness pole dancer. She competed in the national championship and was teaching both women and men the elegance at the pole for 3 years.

Morten teaches physical movement from the perspective of empowering people, expanding their area of comfort and confidence and building joy of movement through play. He is a big believer in challenging limiting beliefs and the status quo. Personally he believes that in order for a physical practice to have true merit it needs to contribute positively to the individual as well as our close community. When seeking understanding about the human body or behavior he often views the question in mind from an evolutionary lens.
Morten has been teaching and education in martial arts, natural movement, functional fitness and health since 2001 and holds a masters degree in Sport & Health Science, from the University of Southern Denmark. He has been a contributor and educator for the largest ‘sport for all’ associations in Denmark – DGI since 2013. He runs his own personal training business centered around natural human movement practice, parkour, functional fitness and martial arts.
Aside from teaching he is a passionate vinter swimmer, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner, alpine skier and parkour enthusiast, currently residing in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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