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Take A Look At Our Wonderfull Teachers.

Movers from around the world

From Argentina to Norway, from south Korea to Australia. Meet your teachers

Tamara “Cuchira” Levinson was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and moved to the USA at age 5. She represented the USA Rhythmic Gymnastics team at the 1992 Olympic Games just 10 years later. Following her athletic career she moved to NYC to evolve beyond the athlete. There she found freedom in movement, specifically dance and aerial arts.
This led to a successful 20+ year professional dance and choreography career which included dancing on three world tours with Madonna and many other pop icons. Her next big artistic venture came by way of her roots through a well-known avant-garde aerial group called ‘De La Guarda’. She co-choreographed and performed in the shows “Villa Villa” and Fuerzabruta. Tamara’s curiosity about all forms of physical expression took her to Broadway in Twyla Tharp’s staging of “The Times Are A Changin’ and she choreographed for commercials, theatre and films such as the movie “The Greatest Showman” with Hugh Jackman.
Organically her raw emotional work led into guiding others to their own freedom through the body’s wisdom. She began teaching workshops and masterclasses about tapping into the language of the body and listening to our inner worlds. MovMEANT, a technique she personally curated from her life experience and empathic ways of how to connect to the emotional body opened a whole new movement world for Tamara. She has now been teaching MovMEANT for almost three decades all over the world and this has changed her life and of those who have incorporated the practice into their lifestyle.


Theresa is a self-taught hula hoop dancer, who learned almost everything from YouTube. Hooping snatched her heart and became her obsession, therapy and passion.

With her unique and yummy flow style she quickly became one of Denmarks best hula hoop dancers. Her energy is playful and alive and with her attentive eyes, she’ll most likely make sure, that everyone attending her workshops are having fun and being seen




Michael is a Copenhagen based yoga teacher, trail runner and farther of two beautiful daughters.

Teaching classes, workshops and teacher trainings full time at some of the most popular yoga studios in Copenhagen. And offers retreats in Denmark, Sweden and Spain

“My teaching is based on a thorough knowledge of anatomy and patterns of movement.  I succeed in turning what seems complicated into something easy and accessible. Furthermore, I have much experience in helping students with injuries and rebuilding strength in their bodies. What really matters to me is that all my students have a great experience and feel welcome in my classes.”




Mikkel is a coach and teacher, specializing in handstands and flexibility. After recovering from a back injury in 2015, Mikkel had the flexibility of a wooden door and felt limited by his bodies capabilities. To regain movement freedom, he started to pursue flexibility and body control, which send him down the path of flexibility training and handstands. Mikkel always try to build bridges between the science and the practice. He has a MSc. In sports science and health, where he wrote his master thesis on strength training & flexibility, but also attended AFUK, the circus school in Copenhagen, where he later on developed and taugh a theoretical/practical course, to help the students get the most out of their training.

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