Rachel Babaganov

Rachel Babaganov is teaching breathwork at #MoveFinal In 2019, Rachel Babaganov was introduced to the Wim Hof Method while completing her Masters of Public Health in Germany. The method has changed her life in profound ways, connecting the dots of her previous experiences, education, and inner wisdom, allowing her to step into her power in […]

Liana Hoffmann

Liana has over 500 hours of training in Vinyasa- and Hatha, Yoga Anatomy, and Yoga Nidra. She is a curious nature lover and adventure seeker, hungry for the world’s secrets and knowledge, and most likely that’s why she became a Yoga Teacher. In her classes, Liana combines the physical aspects and facts of Yoga, putting […]

Claire Bouniort

France I started Wutao® in 2007, at the Tao Center in Paris. Thanks to Wutao, I reconnect deeply with my sensitivity and my creativity. Its unique poetic-sensory pedagogy also allowed me to reconnect with the pleasure of learning. Wutao is a poetic and artistic path that opened new doors in my artistic path such as […]

Isa Raim

Denmark Isa Raim is teaching #yoga at #MoveFinal Isa is a nomad by heart, travelling to where ever he is pulled to for inspiration and growth. Essential in his teaching is how everything in our daily life can be related to a higher purpose. Whether you are spiritual, religious or neither, he offers a space to sync in […]

Michael Bredy aka. “Noodles”

USA Michael Bredy aka “Noodles” started dancing in the mid to late 80s on the streets of New York city. Hip-Hop came first and then House came 10 years after. Being from New York, it was obvious that it was gonna be dance that was gonna take over because since being a kid, it was […]

Toniah Pedersen

Denmark Toniah Pedersen is a world-class choreographer, director, and teacher. With a distinct street style, her classes contain a broad variation of styles within hiphop and club dances. She seeks new ways within the genres and teaches different types of expression. Through that, Toniah has created her own unique style and approach of teaching. Toniah […]

Jens Dube

Germany Jens Dube is a physiotherapist, a thaimassage & acroyoga teacher and therapeutic flying practitioner. As an acroyoga teacher for more than 10 years, he considers acroyoga a great opportunity for people to relate and create something unique and potentially wonderful while playfully exploring fears and limitations. Also in his treatments as a physiotherapist, he […]

Nanna Wagner

Denmark Nanna has been teaching yoga and meditation full time for more than a decade. Her love for movement started as a child where dance played a big part in her life up until she got both knees injured in her teens. She found yoga and the first thing was the ability to move again without pain! Second […]

Edson Caballero

México Edson Caballero is  an international circus performer from México. Edson has traveled around the world sharing his love for circus arts, teaching and performing everywhere he goes. ADHD not diagnosed kid, learned to focus his crazy amount of energy practicing any kind of movement activity. Edson have practice martial arts, athleticism, crossfit, circus arts as; […]

Amilie Leonora Ditzel

Denmark Amalie Ditzel feels driven to learn and share a wide range of practices, bringing vitality, flexibility, strength and spaciousness to the mind, body and soul. She has practiced Capoeira for only few years and loves it’s multilayered philosophy, and as a playful way of excersising and interacting. Capoeira has been a part of deepening […]