Julia teaches Wutao®. Back then as physiotherapist specialized in spinal cord injury rehabilitation, Julia has been driven by a personal research to overcome the gap between therapeutic and artistic approaches of body, mind and mouvement in occidental and oriental traditions. Experiencing Contemporary Danse, Contact Improvisation, Body-Mind-Centering, Yoga, Taiji Quan and Vipassana Meditation, she found response in the art of Wutao and it’s twin practices (Chant of breath, Art of Tranceanalysis) as to their quality of being evolutionary arts. Evolutionary in their capacity to unlock the sensorial univers within you, to get in touch with your tissues as vibrant home of your soul, to install a relationship with your physical body based on communication, not in demand of performance or perfection. Studying with it’s french creators, Imanou Risselard and Pol Charoy, she is passionate about teaching Wutao in Europe. She will invite you to awaken the soul of your body (« éveiller l’âme du corps® »).