Slackline is the simple art of balancing and walking on a thin piece of webbing. Slacklines can be in all different lengths from short lines of 10 meters, to longlines that go beyond the hundreds of meters, from simple lines right above ground, to highlines that soars hundreds of meters in the air. Balancing the webbing and yourself at the same time can be at times calming as a struggle at the same time. It requires a focused mind and a relaxed body, but above all its fun. This year the theme of the slackline setup will be progression with many lines in all lengths, so join us and explore slackline at a new level, regardless of your own slackline experience.

Level of skills required for attending the different workshops:

Entry Level: These are workshops for you who haven’t tried slacklining before, or who don’t quite feel comfortable when you get near a slackline. In these classes we focus on building your basic repertoire and making sure that you have solid foundation to go out with confidence and explore the world of slackline.

These classes will mainly take place on slacklines that are between 8-20m.

Experienced: The workshops are designed for you who feels comfortable on a slackline and who are looking for more than just the basics. These workshops explore different variations within the world of slackline to help build your awareness of the many possibilities on the line as well as your own physique.
These classes will take place on a variety of different slacklines, from tricklines, rodeolines, longer lines (+20m) and the longlines (50+).

Waterline: All skill-levels are welcome, only requirement is that you can swim!

Highline: To take part in a highline workshop you have to be able to comfortably walk a slackline and climb a leash. If Move 17 is your first time on a slackline, then this is not a workshop for you!

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