Netherland, Holland

Virgil Spier is a former Olympic athlete from The Netherlands with over 30 years in track and field and Co-founded Movement Based Athletics. After various international bouts, Olympics, World Championship, and European Championship) as a decathlete, hurdler, and sprinter he kept running into the same problem over and over again. Even though he should have been extremely fit and ready for everything he wasn’t. He could lift heavy weights, sprint fast, jump high and have all types of high-level abilities and yet he could not slowly walk for an hour, watch a movie in the theater or simply rest in a deep squat without pain.

How could he do all the high-intensity stuff but not the normal human stuff? It was because of this question he started to obsessively seek out the knowledge of several world-renowned trainers, therapists and coaches to learn from them personally. In this search, he first came in contact with what he now knows as the Movement Approach and it gave him so many insights that he decided to devote his life to it. Now he is attempting to truly define Movement in such a way that it can guide people to move with grace, joy, and competence while never compromising on longevity. His main two research topics are how to incorporate Speed, Agility, and Quickness and Body 2 Body Coordination into movement.