Teachers 2016


Fie believes that a play and movement is key to increasing connection to yourself, your body and your mental health, as well as the inter-human connection. A playful approach to movement and life will increase learning “Play is the highest form of research” as Einstein once said. Fie is educating herself to become a teacher in PE and wants to implement play and curiosity in the education system. Having a background in dancing and playing with various movement disciplines such as parkour, acroyoga, bouldering and martial arts, she is continuously developing her own movement practice.


Christian is working as a movement teacher in kindergardens and schools in Berlin! His aim is to teach physical intelligence and freedom to kids of all ages by exposing them to ever new and challenging movement situations.


Daniel’s practice is a melting pot of movement styles, with playfulness as the axis that it all revolves around. His passion for movement started with parkour, a discipline that with its creative and playful nature was the perfect point of departure for him to continue exploring movement. Since then, he has been practicing and sharing the joy of playful movement in a variety of disciplines. Furthermore, he regularly does workshops and seminars specifically about play and the positive qualities associated with it. When Daniel is not moving, he is doing his master’s in Language Psychology at the University of Copenhagen, where he is i.a. interested the role of physically active play in the development of empathy and social competence in general.


Sofie runs an architect office and is the mother of two wonderful children. She finds a great freedom in moving, and since she was introduced to acroyoga a few years ago, she has spent endless hours turned upside down, balancing on other people’s feet. She happily shares her endless energy and her enthusiasm and passion for acroyoga with anyone around. Apart from finding it a great and playful way of moving, she appreciates the beauty of the unique commitment and trust between individuals doing acroyoga. That is why she also happily shares her experiences with kids and their parents.



Frida has a passion for hula hooping. She has done it for 4 years now, and at Move Family, she will teach us how to swing the hips exactly right to keep the hula hoop moving, and how to do a lot of other cool tricks. She also knows how to build hula hoop rings and so she will also give the participants the opportunity to build their own personal hula hoop ring from scratch. Apart from that, Fridas movement background is primarily within acroyoga and yoga.


Louise loves movement. As a child, she was always up in the trees with patches on both knees. She is passionate about the free and lustrous movement that is driven by play and exploration. The happiest moment of movement she has had on a rock wall in Spain, on a waterline in Thailand and in akroyoga flows on the lawn in the garden. In daily life Louise is head of a school that has sports and outdoor as the focal point. She is looking forward to being part of the MOVE Family team and to giving families playful moves and new experiences together.


Cecilie is autheroized physiotherapist and through movement and games she works with development and strengthening of childrens motor skills. Acroyoga  has become a part of her professional work as a physiotherapist, because of the many possibilities of including parents and siblings, so that movement become an integrated part of the everyday life in the family. ” I´m not familiar with any other form of movement, that strengthens sensory motor skills with fundamentals of playfulness, trust, attentiveness towards the moment and interactions between children and parents. You can read more about her work at boernogbalance.dk


Proud and pleased to present myself as a playful patron for the people of the planet, my name is Paul. Through playful movements I teach an awareness and understanding of one’s feelings and emotions, and how to navigate between them. Together we create emotions through our movements by jumping around enthusiastically one minute, to finding a calm inner balance the next. By expressing soft graceful movements one moment, and fast determining actions the next.