Yuri Rhodenborgh (NL)

Yuri Rhodenborgh was struck by slacklining on the 12th of April, 2013. In a boulder gym in Eindhoven, The Netherlands there was a small slackline to try it out, and since then he slacklined nearly every day for the next 1.5 years.

For Yuri the meaning of slacklining changed over the years; it started out as a past-time to come to himself, quickly changed in an obsession focussed on length of line and records, and is now finally a healthy in-between. He wants to push his own limits and the limits of the people around him, always find a new challenge and of course share the stoke for slacklining!

Besides slacklining, Yuri is a professional musician, and this also involves a lot of teaching, which he’s definitely got a heart for. This translates directly into slacklining; passing over knowledge means sharing the stoke! And who doesn’t love the stoke?

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