Yunus Kurk (TR)

Yunus is studying Physics at college. He likes Physics so much that he is in his 12th year as an undergraduate student J Some time during his infamous long-term academic career, he met with theatre. He acted for five years, from Brecht to Shakespeare. That’s where he was introduced to yoga, but it was just for physical preparation for the stage. Then, he realized that yoga was more than a physical exercise when his friend took him to a real yoga class. He decided to learn more about it, so he took the teacher training from his incredibly wise and lovely teacher Ferhan, a 62-year-old grandmom. That’s how it all began. After the year 2012, he attenteded lots of different teachers workshops and classes like Monika Munzinger, Chris Chavez, Cameron Shayne and so on. He now contiues to give classes at Middle East Technical University where he found the first university yoga club in Turkey. ”Why do you move?”: Evolution brought animals, including humans, the ability to change their locations. So I like to do it in a more conscious, healthy and artistic way.

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