Sander Hartmand (Denmark)

Why do you move?

“I have never trained to shape my body in the “perfect” way or to achieve something “great”. I never follow any specific training program because I don’t have a very specific goal with my training. I train because I love to move, to challenge my self, to find new ways of comprehend different obstacles.”

Sander work primarily with Parkour – he train and teach parkour. But who is to define what is parkour and what Is not? To Sanders understanding, parkour is a way of life and an approach to moving. To him all movement is parkour.

Moving with quality and the passion for perfecting a move is what Sander is most excited about. You’re always able to optimise your moves a bit more. Maybe that’s why, at the university, Sander is referred to as the “movement geek”, climbing building and trees all over campus, and who’s always wearing sweat pants – How else would you be ready to train whenever you fell like it??

Teaching parkour the last 7 years has been a great journey and to see your studens evolve and overcome their fears is why Sander loves to teach. Only through pushing our boundries will we develop our personalities.

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