Peter Skødt Knudsen (DK)

“To me, freediving is the art of dealing with your inner self”

Having an ongoing love affair with water and especially the sea, Peter has always explored the underwater world. This lead to a career as a scuba divemaster in the Indopasific which now is replaced by a vision of combining bodywork and freediving. He has a background with a bachelor in sports science and a master degree in bioscience as an animal physiologist. Don’t ask him about the digestion system of tarantulas or you’ll have him talking for hours. Professionally he is today promoting marine conservation at the WWF World Wildlife Fund, and has also been a tv-presenter the last ten years in various “NØRD” programmes on DR Ramasjang and Ultra. “Living curiously (and wet) is a path of constantly expanding your world” he says.

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