Olle Romberg (SE)

Olle got into slacklining in 2012 and quickly started traveling to meet the few people doing it in Scandinavia at that time and learned that the sport made him feel great, and everyone he met doing it was fantastic, which made him fall in love with the sport. Since then he got into highlining and fell even more in love with that part of the sport. The nature, the travels, the inherent adventures, and the personal- and group dynamic of always helping and pushing each other to take that extra step, to do that extra thing that scares you.

And because highlining is so intense while still being safe, it is such a great arena to push your limits and really overcome your inner doubts, whether they be your fear of just getting out and sitting on the line, standing up, or doing crazy tricks in the middle of it. There’s always going to be something scary in front of you, but in no time you will have pushed through just as many impossible things, and realized that you can do way more than you believe.

He also realized that being in that terrified space is also a good place to invent new lyrics to popular songs, and just generally getting inspired on life.

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