Liora Lilienfeld (CH)

Liora is a dedicated yoga teacher from Zurich with a strong interest in improving people’s wellbeing and health, encouraging them to live their highest potential.

Liora discovered yoga while juggling her studies of communication and a busy job. It became instrumental in her life; it allowed her to get out of the busy mind patterns and by beeing present in the moment to reconnect to her unique self. As time passed, she grew the desire to share yoga as that tool with others. Years of self practice with Stephen Thomas and Chris Chavez’s Teacher Training in 2012 gave her the skills to offer you an uplifting yoga-experience. Every class is inspired by her favourite symbol, the elf and she employs different playful elements to lead your way to challenging and inspiring positions. Liora focuses particularly on healthy executions to allow your body to feel vital and happy every single day.

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