Kasper Funk (Denmark)

Kasper Funk is passionate about trying new movement patterns through chal-lenging the existing beliefs of how to move. Movement should be joyful and cre-ate bonds between individuals.
In 2012 his life was flipped around and he dedicated himself to learn more about his inner mover through parkour training. Since then he’s passion is urban sports & games – especially parkour. He has been teaching sport for the last 5 years but since 2012 he’s teaching has focused with energized passion on urban sports & games.
He has moved with passionate since the day he was born. He climbed, ran and enjoyed movement in his early age. Nowadays he is all about building and spreading the benefits and passion from urban sports & games in Jutland in the local communities.

“I move with passion and joy ‘cause movement makes me happy. It’s my way of exploring life with people around me to seek for new potential, creativity and fear. That’s why I move.”

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