Elysia Mc Mullan (NE)

Elysia is a freelance dancer mainly based in the Netherlands where she studied Modern/Dancetheatre. Elysia has also been teaching and giving workshops in The Netherlands and in Dublin. She has now begun to create some of her own works which has been performed at different festivals around Holland. Alongside dance Elysia enjoy’s practicing in aerial disciplines such as tissue and rope, it’s to gain different strength in the body that we wouldn’t normally use as dancers. She researches into how you can approach your discipline through a dancer’s perspective.Elysia is a very versatile dancer her main strength is physical theatre and finding flow and diverse dynamics through the body. For this workshop she will work with improvisation and some contact work. Using the body as an instrument, what are its boundaries and limitation? How can we translate our body movement into a language to connect with each other. Let our minds be free so we can enjoy and explore different possibilities with each other.

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