Christian ‘Krr’ Rojek (GE)

His first contact with slacklining was in 2006, but when he got introduced to long- and highlining in 2010 things really started. From then on every free minute was dedicated to travelling to different highline destinations around the world. Apart from slacklining he is also an enthusiastic cyr spinner, acroyogi and climber.

What fascinates him about slacklining is that it makes it so easy to forget everything around and to just dive into the body and feel the movement. A good way to relax in the noise of the city. But nothing tops highlining, esp. when the last light of day switches on that magic atmosphere, steps are floating on in perfect harmony with the line and everything is quiet except for a few birds and the rustling of leaves in the wind.

Highlining gives this unique opportunity of being perfectly safe and totally scared at the same time. Being a flatlander Christian struggled with the latter quite a bit and remembers the thoughts and emotions on the first highlines very well. He has since helped numerous people to have an easier time in the mind game of their first highline attempts.

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