Move Share


What is a Move Share?

Your personal Move Share costs 25 €/200 DKK and is a statement that you believe in Move as a platform where people can become stronger as individuals and together. And your are welcome to buy more then one!

When you support Move, you’ll ultimately support multiple movement communities all over the world. They’ll grow stronger with the inspiration and motivation from the festival.

You won't get anything materially in return. Your support is directed straight at making this festival more sustainable, and remember, we’re non-profit.

See how your personal Move Share diploma could look like.

Why do it?

Move Copenhagen is a community driven festival celebrating the diversity of movement. Each year we gather almost 1.000 people including 250 volunteers from more than 40 nations around the globe. Our vision is to create a varied movement culture and to make people feel the power of movement. Moving is for everyone; in all ages in all places.

While we’re fully fuelled with passion for movement, we also need your support to unlock the true potential of this wonderful festival. For those of you who want to support us, we offer the opportunity to buy a personal Move Share.

When you buy a Move Share, you create tons of good karma and more sunshine to the capital of rain, Copenhagen.
But your contribution will also help us achieve important milestones for the 2018 edition of Move:


Move Shares sold creates the chance of renting an electric car instead of a fuel-driven car


Move Shares sold makes it possible to buy all 5.000 pieces of fruit from a local and organic farmer


Move Shares sold gives us the break to cover all food tickets to our beloved full year volunteers


Move Shares sold makes us afford a solar power generator to use as a sustainable power source


Move Shares sold generates organic food for all meals at our community kitchen


How does it work?

1. Follow the link bellow to choose with how many "Move Share" you want to support us.
As soon as we have your registration – we’ll be one step closer to a more sustainable festival. 
People with Mobile Pay can buy their Move Share by sending 200 DKK to 63331.

2. We will send you a personal diploma thanks to your contribution . Please help us to spread the word and share this link with your friends and family.
Also share you diploma with your movement communities on social media.

 *Your purchase can not be refunded