Ida Frost is teaching dance at Move Copenhagen

Why do you move?

“Because I can’t help it!”

Ida is a qualified teacher in hip-hop and contemporary dance. Her education in dance comes from Stepz in Copenhagen, Ballet Academy in Stockholm and Gaardbos Dance School in Copenhagen. She is a former gymnast who traveled the world for 17 months on the National Danish Performance Team. Her style is articulated, physical, with lots of floorwork mixing up the attack in hip-hop and the flow and softness from jazz and contemporary. Ida is choreographing projects like PI-X and pieces of the new tour with NDPT. Along with her choreography work, Ida is teaching at Svenstrup Efterskole and Ollerup Dance.

“I want to be as curious and braveas possible as a dancer, and as a person. I constantly try to get the best from all form and movement I’m encountering – be it commercial tasks, art projects or as a choreographer and teacher.”

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