FAQ – Frequently asked questions

  1. Where do I sign up for a workshop?
    – You sign up on site at the festival. It is not possible to sign up online.
  2. How do I sign up for workshops?
    – We have a marked area where you sign up for the next two workshops on the program. These signups are updated throughout the festival. After the first two workshops you can sign up for the next two, etc. etc.
  3. Is it free to camp?
    – Yes. When you buy your ticket, you also get a free spot for your tent.
  4. Where can I put up my tent?
    – We have marked an area on a field next to the harbor, with a beautiful view of Copenhagen. You are welcome to put up your tent here.
  5. Are there toilets, showers, and electricity to charge phones/cameras etc.?
    – There are toilets next to the campsite and showers just 50m away (or you can use the harbor! It’s safe). We do support electricity for charging devices, but we encourage you to step out of the digital zone while at the festival, to instead make room for all our Movers to reap the benefits of freedom from technology.
  6. Where and when can I buy my meal ticket?
    – Get your ticket online after June 1st.
  7. What does the meal ticket include?
    – The meal ticket includes 3 morning meals (Fri, Sat, Sun), 3 lunches (Fri, Sat, sun) and 3 dinners (Thurs, Fri, Sat). All meals are 98% organic and have a high degree of sustainability. We’ll post the menu on April 1st.
  8. Can I join as a volunteer?
    – YES! And we love our volunteers. We have a numbers of free spots for volunteers. All contact for this has to go through Vibeke Østergaard who is head of volunteers – info@movecopenhagen.com
  9. What does a volunteer do?
    – Go to our volunteer site for more info – LINK TO VOLUNTEER SITE
  10. Is it possible to become a teacher or do a lecture at Move Copenhagen?
    – We love out teachers and speakers and we are always open to hear from you. All request for being a teacher or speaker goes through Jeppe Skovgaard who is head of movement – teacher@movecopenhagen.com
  11. Are there any jams or free space in the program?
    – The program is packed with movement, but we appreciate when people just want to hang out and jam for a while. That is why we put up a special tent only for hanging out and jams. If the sun is out, you can go and jam anywhere you like 🙂
  12. How can I become part of the performance and show team?
    – We are having different kinds of performances and lectures during the evenings at Move Copenhagen. If you have a special skill and want to perform, please contact Andreas Tang-Brock for more info – info@movecopenhagen.com