Esben Seir is teaching climbing at Move Copenhagen




Why do you move?

“Because I am built to move. Because I can’t stop moving. Because it’s fun to move. Movement is a way of life and it’s amazing to feel the move and make it work. Move, feel, move and feel!”





Climbing is movement and control of the body and mind. Moving meditation! OneLove.

Esben Seir is a qualified climbing, skiing and canoeing trainer as well as a qualified outdoor guide.  He has travelled and climbed all over the world throughout the last 20 years. The last 10 years of his life, Esben has specialized in climbing and teaching other climbers at all levels.

Esben works as the full time Sport and Event manager at Blocs & Walls – the new climbing center in Copenhagen. He also consults and teaches courses for the Danish Rock Climbing Federation, Copenhagen Municipality and the Danish Navy, amongst others.