Elli Schulte is teaching slackline at Move Copenhagen

Photo by Jonas Baum

Photo by Jonas Baum




Why do you move?

„I move because it’s my freedom!“





Elli has been slacklining for 6 years by now. A friend once told her about it and she immediately bought one without any tries before. She got hooked being on her own line for the first time.

In summer 2010 then she got in contact with Gibbon Slacklines and the same year she officially landed back- and frontflip on the slackline. Since then, she is one of the worlds best girls on the trickline and took second place 2013 in the WSFED world ranking list. Due to the lack of girls in the competitive scene she is always in competition with men. Hoping to get more girls involved in the sport she wishes to finally start with a female only slackline competition. Her signature move is the “Ellicopter” (a rotating one arm front lever). When she happens to not being on the line she climbs a lot.

Elli did her Bachelor degree in Sport, Health and Prevention at the German Sport University Cologne and is now finishing her Master degree as well.