Be a Community Builder

The sale of community builder tickets is starting on March 1st.

Make friends from around the planet, acquire skills with various materials & tools, while building with experienced coordinators & saving some cash.

Our amazing Community Builders from 2018.

As a Community Builder , you commit to make the festival the nicest place for all participants. In return, you receive a festival ticket, MoveCopenhagen T-shirt, daily workshops and evening activities during build-up days.
Food is included during the build-up, but not during the festival. Please purchase your Community Builder ticket in combination with the “meal ticket” to join our delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the festival.


As a community builder, you come to the festival three days early. You take part in the “build-up” from Monday, July 6th 10 AM to Thursday, July 9th and you help us run the festival throughout the entire experience (July 9th to July 12th).

The community builders work on the various facilities, tents, and decoration of the general festival area. You will do so under supervision by our experienced coordinators. You will be given a lot of creative freedom, but always the right amount of guidance to accomplish what you set out to do. After your bought your ticket, please provide some information in the questionnaire we sent to you.

On of our handy Community Builders.
P.S.: You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to join!

You will also get free food, free camping, extra workshops during build-up on top of evening activities and the complete festival experience afterward.

As a community builder, you’ll need to check in before Monday 6th of July at 10:00 am.