Become a volunteer

Want to volunteer for Move18?



As a volunteer you commit to make the festival the nicest place for people to be for four days. Below this you can read about the different volunteer positions. All volunteers get their ticket to #Move18 and will be able to buy their food-ticket with 25% discount. To sign up, please fill out the form bellow or follow this link.

At April 1 we’ll set the team that we need. In case we can’t offer all of you to be on the team of volunteers, you’ll still have the opportunity to buy the Move18 ticket because that we’ll hold one back for you – mark in the survey if you want us to reserve a ticket to you.




Do you want to make the festival smooth for all other participants and help them to get the best festival feeling in the world?

You’ll be given shifts at approximately 15-18 hours in total, so you’ll have time to go to workshops in between. The tasks are mainly ad hoc, and to make sure that the festival runs smoothly.


Do you want to be the first smiling face for all participants and teachers?

Volunteering for this position means that you’ll be a part of the team who are checking people in.
You’ll have one long shift and some few hours in the info-tent, approximately 15-18 hours in total.


Do you want help with the meals at the restaurant (Aamanns)?

Volunteering for this position means that you’ll be a part of the team helping with the food served at Aamanns. You’ll not be making food, but the tasks are mainly about serving food, check for food tickets, and cleaning. Your shifts are at noon (lunch-time) and in the evenings (dinner-time).
You’ll have less time to eat but plenty of time to do the workshops. You’ll be working approximately 15-18 hours.


Do you want to ensure the venue quality for better workshop experience?

Volunteering for this position you’ll be assigned to one of our workshop venues (acroyoga tent, parkour area etc. You can let us know which one/ones you’d prefer) and will be the host of that venue through all workshops. Tasks include reception of teachers and participants, and making sure that the venue is clean and all set up and ready with everything needed for the workshop. As far as your responsibilities allow, you will be able to participate in every workshop at your own venue. We will make it possible to shift venues one or two times, so you can be part of other movement forms. So this job is for the ones really wanting to immerse themselves in a few of the movement forms. You’ll be working approximately 12-15 hours.