Welcome to a world of movement


At Move Copenhagen we rethink what it means to move. We move, play, explore and inspire to rebuild the very idea of movement.

Our purpose is to create better lives by making people move more and in new ways. And we believe that the best starting point is a welcoming world based on fun and fascination. That’s why we’ve created a festival for celebrating the diversity of movement.

We don’t have a leader, and we never pocket profits. Our only guide is a set of shared beliefs. We call it our credo. Here it is.


The body is made for moving, but moving is not just for the body. Meaningful movement sets the mind in motion. It changes our perception of places and people. And the more ways we move, the deeper we get to know ourselves.


We love to play, and we love to challenge the given. For us, playfulness is a path of life where we set ourselves in motion – trough motion. And doing so, we leave the comfort zone and enter the creative zone.


We’re explorers of the unknown. We let go and loose ourselves to the new, because we feel at home in our bodies. Everywhere we go, we bring that feeling with us. And as we move along, adventure becomes our way of living.


We’re open to each other, so we can learn from each other. For us, inspiration is being together and growing individually. That’s why we replace ambition and competition with curiosity and generosity.