Moving towards Sustainability

We want to make Move a sustainable community, good for us and for the environment

We’ve been steadily working to make Move Copenhagen a sustainable festival. But this year we want to take it to a new level, proclaiming our commitment and what we can do as a community to help create a healthier and better future. Looking after the wellbeing of our body, mind and the environment.



Travel together to Move Copenhagen
Let the train take the strain, bury yourself in a book by bus or find a ride to share for friendship and fun. And if you live close by, bikes are awesome too! There many alternative and fun ways to get to Move 2017. Did you know, buses cruise all over Europe, are cheap and comfy too! Or ever thought about kayaking? Check out our website for more details on car-sharing and public transport to join the festival in a greener way. Or post your top travel tips on Facebook, use our page to begin your journey.

Food / Meals

Come join our table, for feasting and friendship
We hope you will join us to eat as a community and sign up for the Move Meal Ticket. It’s a great way to eat, meet and relax with friends old and new. Meals will be provided by Aamanns, who will serve us satisfying and nourishing meals, using ecological and regional produce. Healthy for us and for the environment.


Sharing is Caring
One person’s trash is another’s treasure.  At Move Copenhagen we love to share and reuse things. So never mind, if you brought too many goodies to carry home, or have gear you no longer intend to use. To help get in to the sharing groove; we will set a Swapping Shelf for you to use. Here you able to leave any leftover food cans, unwanted clothing or just stuff to give or exchange and make other people happy and them new life. Sharing is a good for the environment and your generous soul.

Managing waste

Keep it clean
We wish to leave our festival and cozy camping site as we found, it or even better than before. So let’s minimize what we have to throw away and recycle as much as we can. We will provide bins and bags to collect and separate your trash. Hand in your deposit bottles and cans and we’ll also make sure they are put to good use too. Keep it, sort it and recycle it. 

Water usage

Share a shower to save water
Despite water all around it is a precious refreshing thing. Let us use just what water we need, how about share shower or jump right in … the harbour is sooo refreshing. Because together we can save it.