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Hong Chung-Wei (Taiwan, Province of China)

Hong Chung-Wei (Ashin)
Come from the port city of southern Taiwan - Kaohsiung. when I young, I like a spiderman, running jumping and climbing. When I grew up, I was inspired by YAMAKASI and started practicing PARKOUR.
In 2012, we organized a group to promote Taiwan Parkour with other locals, FRMP (Taiwan Rock Monkey Parkour). In 2013, I went to London to study teaching skills and got ADAPT LV.1. In 2014, the CTPA Parkour Association was established with a partner from Taiwan. The FRMP Parkour gym was opened in the same year. In 2018 get ADAPT LV.2.
Practice parkour for about 10 years.
Teaching experience is about 8 years.

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