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Sandra Grundstoff (Sweden)

Free Dance has always been my preferred movement and meditation practice. Inspired by all the great DJs that moved me through the years, I carried a dream of playing.
In 2016. I started playing in public in Copenhagen, which brought me to very exciting events - nude bathhouse parties, conscious clubbing events, tantra workshops, yoga studio openings, festivals, ecstatic dancefloors & silent discos.
I would describe my style as electronic downtempo with an organic touch, sometimes mixed with ethnic rhythms & tunes. I like weird, sometimes disturbing sounds, and aims to present a dance journey where you can experience a wide spectra of movement qualities & emotions.
The dancefloor is a great place for ecstatic joy - at the same time, dance can embrace and transform all states of being. Come & move as you are, let´s vibrate together!

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