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Juan Pino (Denmark)

Juan Pino’s minimal and poetic sound universe recalls the world roots and the magic of dreams. From the many travels to the Andes, the Amazon forest, Lapland and the Ganges he gathered a bunch of instruments and impressions at his tiny wooden house in a park of Copenhagen. Marimba, harmonicas, kalimbas, hammered dulcimer, organa and various percussion create an organic landscape, at times naked and acoustic, other times electronically processed, now groovy and danceable, then beautifully chaotic.
Each concert, performance or installation is different, possibly working with the specific site and including improvisations.
Tropico del Cancer is often collaborating with visuals, dance and poetry.

Juan was born in Ecuador, grew up on the South of Alps and lives now in Copenhagen where he has been percussionist in bands such as Valravn, Suna, Trypical Cumbia and Heilung, as well as singer-songwriter with Quemando Palabras. Tropico del Cancer is his new solo act.


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