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Danni Sell (Denmark)

An autodidact multi musical instrumentalist.

What I create is a connection between several instruments, building an atmospheric energy and pace that goes from mystic storytelling and singing, rap to 80 bpm, all the way to the clouds of 200 bpm. Marking energies from the inside and for others when I perform will call my genre 'organic trance'

Most of my time as a musician, I have improvised rhythms forward and in it, play pious I have created songs / beats out of it via improvisation

My way and strength, and this way I express myself, is an important part of my life, wanting to spread joy to the people, give people the urge to enjoy and let go, especially the dance is a great do in our everyday life and yes more people I can shake some energies in themselves the better. Not necessarily moving, but dancing through life in itself. Get all the cells in one to fly at the speed of light.

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