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Max Wallauer (Germany)

Wallauer was raised in Berlin, a place that needs no introduction for providing great opportunities to develop taste and feeling for all kinds of music. He started being involved within the scene by setting up several small events in Berlin and had his first gigs at the young age of seventeen. Now, he can look back to a respectable career having played places such as Zurich, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Croatian festivals and Leeds where he held a residency for 3 years. His track selection represents a modern, melodic and sometimes even psychedelic approach to underground dance music. For him, the musical side of things is important, which is reflected in dominant melodies and influences from other genres such as Afro and Pop music. In his sets, he explores everything from deep ambient house to sneering, chugging techno as well as anything in between. Versatility and flexibility are his main strengths, even though you will always recognise his characteristic sound.

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