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Daan Nieuwenhuis (Netherlands)

Slackline has brought Daan a lot of adventures, new friends, a better posture and of course great balance. Daan has been slacklining for 5 years now. Since then he has become ever more motivated to teach any- and everyone the way of the slackline! For three years he has been teaching workshops with Slacktivity Slacklines. And ever since he has been trying to perfect his teaching style. He has now concluded, that everybody can learn to slackline as long as they are motivated! Next to teaching beginners Daan will learn you to jump and fly on the tight lines at Move. When not working at Slacktivity Slacklines, Daan is a physiotherapist in rehab. Here he teaches people who think they can't do anything anymore, to stay positive and look for the possibilities instead of the impossibilities.

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