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Ida Frost (Denmark)

Ida Frost is a Danish dancer and choreographer. She has roots in acrobatics and gymnastics. Her approach to movement moves in an intersection between the flow and the technic from contemporary to the attack, groove and musicality from hiphop and house. She doesn’t like labels, and for her the goal is to stay curios, playful and open-minded in a continuously journey.

As a performer she has among others worked with choreographers and directors such as The Royale Theatre (DK), Fredericia Theatre (DK), Wayne McGregor (UK), Kristján Ingimarsson Company (DK), Mourad Merzouki – Company Käfig (F), Andreas Constantinou – Himherandit Production (DK), Cie Willie Dorner (A), sART Danseteater (DK), My Lindblad Szlavik (DK) and Tine Louise Kortermand – Nordic Performance Art (DK)

Next to her performance carrier she works as a freelance choreographer and is the artistic director of FROSTCompany.

Ida has since 2012 created her own work in FROSTCompany. Starting with Things I did (2014) Ida’s work has focused on a “me” situated in a “we”. Her latest work We Are Not Unique in the Co.lab FROSTKomp.ART is based on the understanding of the term freedom. How we fight for a freedom in a “me” but search for a freedom in a “we”.

“I love movement in general and everything it do to both trained movers and non-trained movers. I Iove how movement, body and choreography can speak where the language fall short and address issues, subjects, stories and pictures in a way words can never accomplish”.

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