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Jeppe Skovgaard (Denmark)

Jeppe Skovgaard, Founder of Move Copenhagen and the movement community Rört.

Jeppe Skovgaard is a pioneer in both the parkour and the acroyoga community. He holds a master degree in leadership from Copenhagen Business School specializing in corporate mindfulness and as an internationally recognized yoga teacher, he has spent the last years teaching workshops, conferences and retreats for movement communities all over Europe and Asia. He is the founder of the successful community driven festival Move Copenhagen and of the movement and meditation community and studio Rört.

Apart from teaching he is an active consultant in a wide range of projects, where his unique and non-dogmatic approach to movement and meditation adds value and bridges gaps between architecture, leisure and learning – between the public, the shared and the private. Finally Jeppe Skovgaard is a clear, eager and provocative key-note speaker and movement lobbyist and has many times been featured in the Danish newspaper Politiken and on DR airing his views about the great need for movement and meditation in a shared public space.

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