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Jeffrey Lester (United States of America)

Originally from Atlanta GA, USA

In 2014 I embarked on my life’s journey when I decided to leave a career in academia to discover my true purpose and the wonderful gifts that yoga has to offer.

Now, I’m a student and teacher of yoga and search for any practice that expands and deepens my human experience. I have used the practice of yoga to overcome many adversities including healing a challenging past and dysfunctional eating patterns. Things that used to weigh down my soul are now my greatest gifts and the basis of my teachings.

I am so grateful to be in the position to share this living wisdom and my infectious childlike energy, I travel around the world teaching workshops and courses to embrace and uplift communities of all types.

Having trained and taught all over the world in disciplines ranging from vinyasa and yin yoga to shamanic ceremonial traditions, I’ve assimilated a catalogue of beautiful practices and techniques that bring people together with high vibes and harmony. It is my pleasure and joy to share with others the things that light up my world!

Outside of yoga disciplines I am also an avid runner and fitness junkie. I have completed several marathons and Ironman Triathlons! Oh, did I mention I used to weigh 128 kg when I was younger!! Yes indeed, movement is my best friend 🙂

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