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Jannik Elkær (Denmark)

My name is Jannik Elkær and I primarily work as an artistic director, choreographer and performer. I established the dance-and theatre company Don Gnu in 2010, and ever since I have been making performances through physical actions and situations that aim to describe and investigate the essential challenges of man as an individual as well as part of a group.

My approach to physical expression and communication derives from a mix between music, dance and martial arts. In the beginning of my physical career I was very active within Aikido, Jiu Jitsu, Thaiboxing and Tae Kwon Do. I later ventured into the universe of dance and staging, where the physical language came in contact with other more sensitive means of expression. It is this mix between sensitive and communicative movement and the more actiondriven, effective and powerful form of movement, that creates the base around which my physical expression turns.

I look forward to explore and play with You in this sensitive and martial form of communication, that we will create together.

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