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Theresa Johanne Kirkby (Denmark)

I remember it clearly. I saw her dancing around with her hula hoop on a beach in Australia. She was so beautiful and I thought to myself. "I need to learn how to do that". And so about a year later in 2013 I picked up hooping and fell in love. My life had taken a rocky path and I was feeling somewhat lonely. But my hoop filled me up with a sudden purpose and made me feel free and.. not alone.

I have hooped ever since. Not as addictive as I used to, but almost just as passionately. I love it. I have taught many people and kids how to hoop. Have taught at festivals, schools, camps for kids, dance schools, Christmas parties for architects (that was a fun one).. you name it.. I have performed at weddings, trance-parties, festivals and all that stuff.

I enjoy sharing my passion. Though not as a full time job, as I did that for a while and felt myself loosing my love for the plastic circle. I now teach occasionally and only do a few shows once in a while - which suits me perfectly.

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