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Mikkala Marilyn Kissi (Denmark)

Mikkala Marilyn Kissi is the embodiment of Living Yolates. Her background is a hybrid of multiple educations and experiences within dance, yoga, pilates, nutrition and kinesiology. Living Yolates is a reflection of that and most important, holistic. Mikkala has a degree in Performing Art and Body Control from the London Studio Centre, which is one of Europe’s most renowned dance schools. She is certified as a Pilates instructor, 200 hour Yoga TT. with Ratheesh Mani, Kinesiologist, Nutrition therapist and 'Body Master' with Pheobe Corelli in NYC.

What characterizes Mikkala’s teaching is the light and loving energies. She has a special ability to create an uplifted, bobbly joy inside of you and in the surrounding space. She teaches from her heart and has an authentic quality in her presence. Classes with Mikkala are a great mix of pure joy, playfulness, integrity, grounding and power!

Living Yolates is a holistic training form that aims to cover your body, mind and soul by combining the best of yoga, pilates and dance. It will strengthen and smooth your entire body, release tension and negative thoughts and open up to a free flow of energy!
The training form will support you to live in faith and open up to a light and self loving life's perception. Through movement and awareness you will bring yourself balance and reinforce the feeling, that freedom comes from within.

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