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Arno Fürn-sinn (Austria)

Arno Fürnsinn, born in 92, Movementteacher and Parkour trainer from Austria. His focus on the joy of movement has not only becomethe central element of his life but also the basic ingredient while developing his new methods.

For eight years he has lived his vocation in teaching parkour and freerunning, body weight training, floor improvisation, sports acrobatics, martial arts, rock climbing, dance, yoga, ...

Over the last few years, Arno Fürnsinn has been traveling the world studying, perfecting and passing on authentic natural forms of movement. He has learned from great masters such as Ido Portal, Bruno Caverna, Sebastien Foucan, Karl Grunick, David (Dudi) Malka, Nicolas Montes de Oca .... and traditional teachers in Bali, Japan, Brazil and Sri Lanka. He is keeping in touch with the global parkour community.
Presently, he leads workshops and seminars, is the initiator and developer of a Freerunning park in Krems an der Donau and founder of the Parkour team "One2Free". He leads projects and events at home and abroad since many years.
In a nutshell: He is a mover.

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