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Pieter Shiffler (Denmark)

Pieter started training parkour back in the days when it was still in its infant shoes. He has been part of the community since 2004 and has seen it develop to what it is today. Originally from Belgium, he has helped shape the local community. To pursue his dream of becoming a full-time parkour teacher, he decided to move to Denmark, where he currently lives. He worked at BGI Academy for two years as a full-time parkour teacher and then decided to become self-employed.

Over the years he started exploring different disciplines such as hand-balancing, acrobatics, gymnastics, climbing and dance. At first, this was to become a better parkour practitioner, but later discovered it wasn't just about parkour anymore. After taking a step back from parkour for a while, he has now gone back with a new perspective and is using it to create a unique movement practice.

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