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Viktor Söderqvist (Sweden)

Viktor is using slacklining primarily as a mental training. like a meditation. Especially on the longer and looser highlines, distracting thoughts and emotions such as worries about, fear of height and other distractions are immediately are noticed by the line. The line requires your full attention, every second. If you are not calm, the line will not be calm. A big line can be much a monster, and as Viktor is not a fighter, the only way is to tame the beast, to make it trust you.

Viktor came to slacklining from rock climbing. After starting highlining in 2014, he almost completely replaced climbing with highlining, because he found it to be more mental. With a few other pioneers from Göteborg, he established some of the first highlines in Sweden, in 2014 and onward.

As a teacher, he likes you to share his expeciences and teach the basics on longer and looser lines to be able to discover the mental parts of slacklining.

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