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Sarah Rixham (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)

Sarah Rixham can perhaps most accurately be described as independent damsel filled with alacrity and excitement for exploration.

With a spirit animal of a squirrel, she pertains a natural finesse, matched only by her excitement for adventure and her love of balance.

Sarah’s passion for slacklining was ignited in 2009 by a chance encounter at 6-form, that resulted in her tasting the flavoursome delights of funambulism. She went on to get a line of her own and subsequently trained on it multiple times a week for around 3 years.

She first found highlining in 2013, through a circus connection and has been hooked ever since.

From impressing the leading highliners in the UK with her endless determination and moxie, Sarah continued to highline on a regular basis and sharpen her slacklining prowess.

Sarah is known amongst her peers as someone who seeks adventure and often acts as a catalyst for the manifestation of positive vibe in whatever milieu she happens to be in.

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