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From Argentina to Norway, from south Korea to Australia. Meet your teachers

Ida Frost is a diverse dancer, physical performer, and Choreographer. With a background in gymnastic, she is now working as a professional performer and acrobat.
Her movement interests flow from urban house grooves to contemporary softness into installation art and acrobatics. No rules, no boxes, just expression, curiosity, humor, and the trust of a diverse movement journey in all aspects of life.
As a performer Ida has worked with Theaters, Directors, and Choreographers all over the world.
Next to her performance carrier Ida works as a freelance choreographer and is the artistic director of FROSTPerformanceCompany: https://www.idafrost.com/frostperformancecompany/
“I love movement in general and everything it do to both trained movers and non-trained movers. I Iove how movement, body and choreography can speak where the language falls short and address issues, subjects, stories and pictures in a way words can never accomplish”.


Isa Raim is teaching #yoga at #MoveFinal

Isa is a nomad by heart, travelling to where ever he is pulled to for inspiration and growth.

Essential in his teaching is how everything in our daily life can be related to a higher purpose. Whether you are spiritual, religious or neither, he offers a space to sync in with whatever is present in your life at the moment. Conveying the beauty of presence awareness, in its wholeness.

In Isa’s classes you’ll find lots of heart. In the open-heart-space there’s not only room for laughter and joy, but there’s room for all the emotions that we carry – that makes us whole. Come as you are! When we all meet in a open field, where there’s no right nor wrong, but simply being, we can rest into awareness together. Yoga isn’t something you do, it’s something you create.


Jason Nemer is a world-champion acrobat and the Co-Founder of AcroYoga. Jason’s work was featured in New York Times Bestselling author Tim Ferriss’ book, Tools of Titans.

He has coached Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin, actress Ashley Judd, and many other top performers. Jason has also brought AcroYoga’s team-building methods to companies like Google, FourSigmatic, Summit Series and TrueX.

By age 16 he had won silver and bronze medals at the World Championships of Sports Acrobatics. At 21 he realized his dream of performing at the Olympic Games. When he discovered yoga and Thai massage, he began fusing the key elements that would one day become this global practice.

Since then Jason has dedicated his life to uniting communities through the power of AcroYoga. His motivation is rooted in the belief that through fun and connection, AcroYoga can empower all people no matter their ability, age, race or background.


Jens Dube is a physiotherapist, a thaimassage & acroyoga teacher and therapeutic flying practitioner. As an acroyoga teacher for more than 10 years, he considers acroyoga a great opportunity for people to relate and create something unique and potentially wonderful while playfully exploring fears and limitations. Also in his treatments as a physiotherapist, he wishes to expand people’s perception of what their body can do, combining his medical knowledge, clinical reasoning and osteopathic education.

Picking people up and flying them while improvising is his personal favourite. Jens loves teaching everything he has learned or developed over the years.


Jonathan teaches movement rooted in capoeira and yoga. With a lifelong interest in practical and theoretical aspects of movement, sports and martial arts, Jonathan has pursued a professional life working with the moving body. Jonathan has tought yoga for more than 10 years and has practiced capoeira for the past 8 years. Combining the qualities of yoga and capoeira, Jonathan co-founded Copenhagen-based Zen Monkeys Movement Collective. Jonathan has an academical background as a physician and holds a PhD in degenerative joint diseases. Besides practicing lots of movement, Jonathan continues to do research and hosts a movement-centered podcast called Bevægelse&Co.


Julia teaches Wutao®. Back then as physiotherapist specialized in spinal cord injury rehabilitation, Julia has been driven by a personal research to overcome the gap between therapeutic and artistic approaches of body, mind and mouvement in occidental and oriental traditions. Experiencing Contemporary Danse, Contact Improvisation, Body-Mind-Centering, Yoga, Taiji Quan and Vipassana Meditation, she found response in the art of Wutao and it’s twin practices (Chant of breath, Art of Tranceanalysis) as to their quality of being evolutionary arts. Evolutionary in their capacity to unlock the sensorial univers within you, to get in touch with your tissues as vibrant home of your soul, to install a relationship with your physical body based on communication, not in demand of performance or perfection. Studying with it’s french creators, Imanou Risselard and Pol Charoy, she is passionate about teaching Wutao in Europe. She will invite you to awaken the soul of your body (« éveiller l’âme du corps® »).


Kalle is known as “Fragíl” in the danish capoeira community, has been doing capoeira since 1996 and teaching since 2001 and was graduated contra-mestre in 2018. Earning his nickname due to kneeproblems, he is greatly concerned with finding routes to making capoeira available to all, regardless of physical condition, age and other factors. Besides capoeira he has earned a Master in humanities and sports science. During a period of knee trouble Kalle discovered yoga and after a few years of practice he was asked to teach. He has taught ordinary classes as well as focused teacher-training and yoga history classes.


Karoline grew up in Italy and moved to Denmark in 2018. She has been an artistic swimmer since she was 7 years old and has won the Italian national championships multiple times with her team, she started swimming again in Denmark in 2019 and has been Danish national champion ever since. In august 2022 Karoline represented Denmark at the European championship for the first time in 27 years. Karoline also works at the swimming pool, where she teaches artistic swimming and passes her passion on to younger girls. Beside swimming Karoline is studying Architectural engineering and loves to take pictures and travel.


Lea Givskov was introduced to acroyoga more than 10 years ago, and has since sporadicly traveled to join acrobatic trainings around the world. The resent years her main interest has been in standing- and dynamic acrobatics.

She’s originally trained as a balletdancer, but nowadays most of her monkey business happens in a bouldering gym and as a midwife, catching babies. Always catch your flyer!

At Move Copenhagen she’s looking forward to do some cool acrobatics with y’all.

Liana has over 500 hours of training in Vinyasa- and Hatha, Yoga Anatomy, and Yoga Nidra. She is a curious nature lover and adventure seeker, hungry for the world’s secrets and knowledge, and most likely that’s why she became a Yoga Teacher. In her classes, Liana combines the physical aspects and facts of Yoga, putting her focus on the right alignment based on your body structure and adding a hint of spirituality that is accessible and understandable to everyone. Through the practice of asanas, breath work, and meditations, you deepen your practice on the mat and off the mat.



Based near Munich, Lucie is teaching Workshops, Trainings and Retreats.

As an international Yoga- & AcroYoga teacher as well as a mentor and passionate bodyworker, she works with a playful approach which is at the same time deeply rooted in the ancient wisdom of the traditions.

Her work is based on the appreciation for a healthful, trusting togetherness everyone can develop their own potential from.

“I love to create a magic space, where people come together to celebrate life and honor the beauty in all its abundant ways. The awareness of us being all one is more important than ever.”

In November 2020 she published her book “Handstand Training”. Get your copy here

With hand to hand & heart to heart  ♡

Facebook Lucie in the Sky

Instagram lucie.beyer

Web: Lucieinthesky.org



Mads Ludvigsen has a background in danish gymnastics primarily in tumbling and trampoline. His whole life he has both been active as a gymnast and as a coach. In 2012/2013 he joined the world tour with the National Danish Performance Team. In 2016 he joined Motus Teeterboard and has been passionate with the teeterboard ever since. Currently he is a teacher at Sorø Gymnastikefterskole where he teaches teeterboard and gymnastics.

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