Emily Baxter

Canada Emily Baxter cofounded PartnerAcrobatics.com and runs teacher trainings, intensives and workshops worldwide. Born in Canada and nomadic for the last ten years, Emily happily travels, teaching, learning, laughing, playing. Alongside acro Emily teaches anatomy and works with corrective exercises and functional movement. Emily has always had a passion for movement and body awareness. This […]

 Fer Lucino

Argentina/France Fer Lucino is a nomad born in Argentina.  He has been teaching and sharing this discipline for several years in different parts of the world. He loves Icarians and especially all the foot to foot tricks. He believes that acroyoga is more than just a practice, but rather a lifestyle where what is learned […]

 Sol Robles

Argentina Since I can remember I have a fascination for movement. I’ve always been climbing something. And so began the search for my body in movement and the passion to investigate the different languages ​​in which my body expresses itself and moves through space. I am an acrobat and a teacher. I love sharing and […]

German Suarez

Argentina Germán Suárez is a partner acrobatics certified teacher that has been teaching classes, workshops and intensives since 2016. He specializes in solar/acrobatics especailly whips, whops, icarian games and standing acro. He quickly became a well known teacher in both Argentina and globally, thanks to his commitment and continual practice Together with Sol Robles, they […]