This is the organization structure of the Move Copenhagen association.


The Board 

– The board is elected at the general assembly for one year at a time.
– Works out the concept and the structure og the festival, and creating visions for developing movement culture.

Managing Director

– The managing director is selected by the board for one year at a time.
– Facilitating the concept, project management, economics and budget management, internal and external communication, partner management, creative strategy etc.


– The coordinators is chosen each year by the board an the managing director.
– Facilitating the workshops, electing the teachers, community communications etc.

Volunteering teachers

– The teachers are volunteers from the different communities. They are chosen to teach because of their skills and dedication for movement.

Full year volunteers

– These awesome guys and girls work one full year to support the makings of this festival. We have committees in techical and logistics, PR/marketing, teachers hosting, volunteer coordination, humanitarian profile, graphic materials, media content, and website coordination.


– The volunteers at Move Copenhagen consist of a team with 35 guys n’ girls. These volunteers makes everything run; setting up venues, cleaning toilets, serves food, runs the sign up, etc…